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Jr. FF. D. Miller under the tutelage of Lt. D. Fox at DSFS Burn Building

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The Ultimate Ladies Night Experience
Friday, March 13, 2015 
Need a girls night out? Here's your chance. The Hartly Ladies Auxiliary will be hosting an "All Male Review" at the Hartly Volunteer Fire Company. The males are with the "Gentlemen Strippers." Feel free to preview their Facebook page. The doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and the show will begin at 9:00 p.m. The tickets are $25 per person. Tables of 8 can be reserved only with a full table sold. Individual tickets can be reserved too. First paid in full will be closer to the stage! For more information or reservations, contact Kathy at 302-492-8599. This will be a night to be remembered. Don't miss the fun! See attached flyer.

Midnight House Fire - Possible Arson
Thursday, February 19, 2015 23:40
Just before midnight, Hartly's Volunteers along with Stations 43 (Cheswold), 56 (Marydel), and Kent County Medic 7, were dispatched for a working alarm for a house fire in the 2000 block of Judith Rd. Upon arrival, Command found a large 2 story single family residence, fully involved and declared defensive operations. With high winds embers were traveling across the roadway and onto adjacent buildings and with the low temperature the smoke was staying low to the ground causing visibility issues at times. Engine 51-3 set up master stream operations on the alpha/bravo corner using the deck gun and pulled the 2.5 in blitz line around the rear of the residence. Crews later switched to three 1.75 inch handlines to suppress the majority of the flames. Fire conditions were visible in the basement from the exterior. Once the fire was contained and the threat of spread to any other occupancies was eliminated, command placed the building on fire watch and returned all units allowing the building to burn itself out. FM14 arrived and investigated the fire. The cause is believed to be arson related but still under investigation by the Fire Marshall's Office. Thanks goes to Station 45 (Clayton) for covering the local.

Slick road conditions make for a busy morning throughout the county
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 
As folks began their morning commute in to work this morning, the 911 center became riddled with callers reporting motor vehicle collisions. The freezing rain through the night created high call volumes for many companies, Hartly was no different. The Volunteers handled 4 different incidents within an hour period. 51-3 (Asst. Chief Norris w/6) and Ambulance A51 handled a MVC on Judith Rd. Units found a single vehicle into a pole with the two occupants still inside the vehicle. Minor damage was done to the base of the pole. A-51 transported 2. 51-9 (Chief Connors w/4) investigated a vehicle overturned a Halltown and Hourglass. Upon arrival, occupant was out of the vehicle and uninjured. 51-9 cleared upon arrival of DSP/ 51-6 (Capt J.Fox w/4) and Ambulance C51 handled a MVC in the 200 block of Burris Rd. Upon arrival, crew found a single vehicle in the ditch with the occupant outside. Crew secured the vehicle and Ambulance C-51 transported one patient to KGH. 51-9 (Chief Connors w/4) investigated another vehicle in a ditch on Hourglass. Upon arrival, found two vehicles in a ditch neither complaining of injuries. 51-9 remained on scene for traffic control until DSP arrived. 3 truck crews and two EMS crews remained in the station until the DelDOT was able to treat the roads and the ice began to melt off. The Ambulance responded to two additional EMS complaints and the Brush crew responded to assist. Thank you to all the members who took the extra time from their morning errands or employment to staff the equipment.

Two new units to join the fleet
Saturday, February 7, 2015 
Loud And Proud, the old 75' Hahn Engine has left Hartly! While we will definitely miss the old beast, it was time for an upgrade. When the state moved forward with the seat belt law and applied it to the fire departments, the open cab design of the truck and the seat belts in the jump seats that could barely fit a high school track star took away two pairs of hands and put a limitation on the rest of the help we could have respond. With the addition of the 51-3 in 2006, the "Screaming Chicken" was back lined. The truck committee, under Chief Connors, was tasked to find the next engine. After a few month the committee came to a decision to purchase a Rosenbaur Engine set for delivery around August of 2015 to hold 1500 gallons of water, class A and B firefighting foam, 3 speed lays, pre-connected discharges off of the rear, 1500' of 5"LDH supply hose, and of course a 7 firefighter crew cab, 51-2 has been reborn. During one meeting the question was raised at the possibility of purchasing another truck to address the increasing issue of the deteriorating condition of our tanker. With the expense of the roof coming to a close, as well as budgeting, and continual support of our community the company approved the truck committee to move forward with the design of a Tanker Pumper that would take the placed of the 1991 4-Guys Spartan Tanker. The slow rolling "Silver Bullet" has taken a beating and while has served us well over the past 27 years, it too has reached it time. So, following the same layout of Engine 51-2, specs have been drawn for a 3500 gallon, 7 firefighter crew cab, with 3 speed lays, additional pre-connected hoselines from the rear, supply hose, and an array of ladders and structural firefighting equipment to be called 51-5. We are looking forward to the arrival of our newest family members and to continue to provide the best possible service to the community.

Chimney Fire
Friday, February 6, 2015 
Shortly after crews cleared from a MVC, Hartly's Volunteers along with Station 56 (Marydel) were alerted for a chimney fire. While responding, Assistant Chief Grygo from Station 56 advised of a fire in the chimney up a long lane. Upon arrival, 51-3 (Chief Connors w/6) threw a ground ladder to the roof to make access to the chimney and checked the residence for any extension. Interior crews found two separate wood stoves, one in the kitchen for cooking and the second in the basement to heat the water. Crews used chimney chains to clear out the blockages in the chimney and removed all of the debris from the residence. The building was cleared of all smoke and the family was able to return to the residence. Command instructed the homeowner not to use the chimney until it was thoroughly cleaned. Photos courtesy of Jeff Hawkins

Driving Safely
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 19:00
For this week's Company In Service training, Deputy Chief Bill Kelly invited the DSFS to "reinforce good habits while responding." DSFS Instructor Mark Dolan (Mill Creek FD) presented information both from video and from Delaware State Law, that is pertinent to all members in the Volunteer Fire Service. "Our reputations are on the line every time we get behind the wheel" he exclaimed to the class of 31 volunteers ranging from new license holders to veteran operators for company. According to VFIS (Volunteer Firemen's Insurance Services) "one of the biggest risks regarding volunteers is they think they can respond as an emergency vehicle" which isn't the case. Delaware State Law Title 21 defines an emergency vehicle as "...vehicles of a fire department, police vehicles, ambulances, vehicles uses by a fire chief, deputy chief, assistance fire chief, chief engineer or fire police officer of any duly organized fire company in the performance of those duties..."  and in Section 4307 (b) it states "A vehicle used by a fire chief, deputy fire chief, assistant fire chief, or fire police officer ... which is not owned by or property of the fire department, shall not be equipped with such warning devices." in regards to a siren. So therefore putting both together, even a fire chief's POV that is equipped with a flashing blue light, is not considered an emergency vehicle unless it is specifically property of the fire department (ie command unit or chief's vehicle), and must obey all traffic laws while responding to the fire department or even a scene.

These laws and more can be accessed by the State of Delaware website. We would like to thank Mark Dolan for presenting the material. We would also like to remind all of our members and our brothers and sisters that may respond to the next call for service, the 25% of all LODD are from traffic accidents and as Instructor Dolan said " guess what, all of those were 100% preventable." Prevention starts with us. Safe Driving!

Contents fire in a Garage
Saturday, January 31, 2015 
Hartly's Volunteers along with Station 45 Clayton and Queen Anne's County Station 6 Sudlersville were alerted for a house fire. While units responded, Kent Center gave a report of fire in the garage with a subject refusing to leave. Command (Chief Connors) arrived with smoke showing from the garage. Crews advanced a handline to extinguish a debris pile burning in the corner of the garage. Command placed the situation under control as crews checked the garage and residence for any extension. Cause of the fire is under investigation by the Delaware State Fire Marshal Office.

Photos courtesy of Gene Shaner from Station 45

Garage Fire
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 
In the morning hours, Hartly's volunteers were alerted to assist Station 56 (Marydel) with a working garage/shed fire. 56-15 (Chief Madden) and 56-1 arrived on location and confirmed the conditions as reported. 51-3 and Tanker 51 arrived on location and assisted 56 units with fire suppression and overhaul. Once the situation was placed under control, 56 and 51 units returned to service and the scene was turned over to FM14 and FM28.

MVC Into A Residence
Wednesday, January 14, 2015 
In the afternoon hours, Station 51 was alerted for an MVC at the intersection of Downs Chapel Road and Ford's Corner Road. 51-3 arrived on location to find a single vehicle off the roadway that had partially destroyed the homes foundation. With no reported injuries, 51 units returned to service and the scene was turned over to DSP.

3 Vehicles; 4 Patients
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 12:16
Just after noon, Hartly's Volunteers were dispatched for a MVC on Halltown Rd in the area of Tuxward Rd. 56-15 (Chief Madden) advised responding units of 3 total patients. Upon arrival, Engine 51-3 (Asst. Chief Norris w/6) found 3 vehicles in the intersection. Crew from 51-3 assisted with triage and patient care while also beginning to secure the vehicles. Command requested ALS to intercept ambulance A51 during transport to KGH and a 3rd BLS from Station 56 was alerted for a fourth patient. 51-6's (Lt. Moriarty w/ 4) assisted 3's crew with securing the vehicle and containing the fluids on the roadway. Once all patient's were transported command placed the situation under control and returned units leaving fire police on scene to assist DSP with traffic control. Units on Scene: E51-3, R51-6, Amb A&B51, Amb B56, Fire Police, DSP

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